Life Changes

Well. I’ve decided a few things. I’m no longer going to continue my education at DeVry. I’ve decided I’m going to move to New Jersey. I’ve decided I’m want to move closer to Sarah as well as drop out of the family drama that is going down at my current place I call home. I […]

Quality of Service (or lack there of)

Ok. This is going to be a bit of a rant. Let me setup my background for anyone who doesn’t know everything about me already. I sell game servers. I deal with kids and paranoid neck beards all day long. I enjoy what I do. As a service I bend over backwards to make my […]

I Made a Thing

So this is a poor excuse for a post here but I saw a tumble roll through here the other day do I decided I should put something here, I made this It’s just a php function that scours a paragraph of text and convert all urls into a bitly url… I need to post […]

Introductions post in my programming course

Posed with the following prompt: Hello, everybody! Welcome to our CIS170B C# Programming w/ Lab online course! Please write at least one to two paragraphs in which you introduce yourself and then post it. Suggestions: Where are you from? Where do you live? What do you do for a living? What do you hope to […]

So I have a girlfriend

Ok so here is the deal. Sarah Anderson and I are in a relationship. Sure you can mock that she is far far away and statistics show that won’t work out. Guess what, statistically everyone in the world should be one gender. So honestly I’m not afraid to break the norm. Now about myself. As […]

Daily Posts Again?

I might start doing daily post again. I want to rant about something. Or i do not know, Anything. No in not a writer, in fact most of my writing is on my phone and I other use Siri or a heck of a lot of autocorrect. What I did today: fixed a java issue […]

Random Development LLC

Hey guys, again it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I’ve started a business, it’s called Random Development LLC. It’s purpose looking forward to be the thing that owns all my projects looking forward, as well as most of the past. In fact as far as I can think of every single project I’ve started […]

Wrapping up my first semester at DeVry

Ok so I’m finishing up my English class and finished early in my comp100 class. The comp100 class was a simple class where we were ran through tutorials of PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. You may assume that I already had these skills and I kind of already did. But when I took these classes in […]

Just Prettied Up This Site!

I just grabbed a WordPress theme added some common open source CSS and then made a few tweaks in that CSS for it to look a bit better. I feel this site should be prettier and more “web 3.0” (which means just less stuff on the page)

Blue Snowball Mic

I originally wrote this for my english class im taking at DeVry. The Blue snowball microphone is a great microphone if you know how to set it up and if you buy it from the right place. I purchased the blue microphone actually the worst way I could; it was terribly marked up. I purchased […]