So I have a girlfriend

Ok so here is the deal. Sarah Anderson and I are in a relationship. Sure you can mock that she is far far away and statistics show that won’t work out. Guess what, statistically everyone in the world should be one gender. So honestly I’m not afraid to break the norm.

Now about myself. As for the people who may actually read this when I post it. (I’m writing this days ahead because I’m going over and over it again and again. Heck I’ll probably let her comb through it tonight.) I only hope one thing. Instead of pointing out the oddities of the situation I have achieved, just be happy for me, Sarah makes me genuinely happy.

In the past I’ve been such a functionalist that I felt I didn’t have time and I didn’t care ( and was a failure at) about relationships. Granted I hardly have any free time at all now, I can make time, she is worth it.

So why a girl a thousand miles away? She isn’t “a girl” she is my girl. Sarah and I have a ridiculous amount in common and it seems we agree and everything before it’s even brought up. She’s perfect, this relationship is perfect.

How with this impact me and how my business operates? Hopefully none. I’ve managed to find the time to work on business things and spend all the time I can with Sarah.

How do we work? What do we do? Long distance relationships are only a little complicated, All you have to do is care. We spend time together on by having ten-hour phone calls, Skype calls, and FaceTime. We’ve played some games together (you might have caught her name in one of my YouTube videos) and I hope we can some more in the upcoming weeks. (Winter break)

So the story of Sarah and I began on the twitter suggestions box. I’m not sure which of us (most likely me) followed the other. She tweeted something funny, I responded. She responded. I responded. We filled up my entire tweetdeck notifications page. Then I DMed her on twitter, asked her if we could use a messaging app to talk. Well after a while she quit responding to me. (because the app has a really bad notification system) I mentioned it in a twitter DM and I asked for her phone number. She gave it to me. That was November 3rd I got Sarah’s number. We texted for hours, days, an then weeks. We realized that we were extremely compatible. We traced it back and made a decision, me and Sarah entered a relationship on the 19th of November. Since then it’s escalated well, we are constantly on the phone even if we do not have anything to say.

So we announce this today, the 19th of December. As we celebrate one month of what we consider to be the starting of our official relationship.

I’m proud to say I love Sarah and I want this relationship to last a long time and hopefully the last one I need to find myself in.