Man-made climate change can only be a belief

Man-made climate change can only be a belief. We can’t confirm anything without a control, since we can’t conduct a test with an identical Earth without humans we have no control to compare it to. Just because Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson want to shill for globalism and try to unify the world with […]

Adobe CC and Office 365 are The Bees Knees.

I never thought I’d say it. I don’t know what I was doing without Adobe CC and Office 365.   I understand why they are switching to these “cloud” models. The internet is the cheapest it’s ever been (for service providers) Always online services can’t be pirated Subscription model software ensures recurring revenue. I used […]


How to Brute Force in Kali This how-to will focus on how to locate your target in a network and how to brute force login to your target. The tutorial will assume a few things, you know how to use a computer, you’re familiar with common Linux distributions, you understand the network you’re connected to […]

I Quit My Job

So most people didn’t know i had a job. I had a job, it was a terrible job. Well i didn’t mind it that bad. The job was a ticket puller in a warehouse. I decided i wasn’t going to be stuck in physical labor for the rest of my life and left while i […]