Daily Posts Again?

I might start doing daily post again. I want to rant about something. Or i do not know, Anything. No in not a writer, in fact most of my writing is on my phone and I other use Siri or a heck of a lot of autocorrect.

What I did today:

  • fixed a java issue on Minecraftbread
  • updated all the jars for customers on Minecraftbread
  • updated everything on the servers for Minecraftbread
  • installed new control panels on MinecraftBread
  • polished up some things on the Random Development website
  • Random social interactions
  • debated with a group of people we decided to invest in some litecoin
  • just sat and pondered about randomthing.org
  • worked on a subReddit for friends
  • Wrote this

What I plan on doing tomorrow:

  • relaxing for Thanksgiving
  • messing with litecoin

I plan on making more YouTube videos pretty soon but of course it’s not a big priority.