Random Development LLC

Hey guys, again it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.

I’ve started a business, it’s called Random Development LLC. It’s purpose looking forward to be the thing that owns all my projects looking forward, as well as most of the past. In fact as far as I can think of every single project I’ve started or am affiliated with has now changed to a Random Development project except for my personal Minecraft community. Soon there’ll be a project page with all of the project managed by it.

Anyway. I wanted to mention all that. Because this isn’t new news. It’s news that’s been withheld. It’s mostly been oath held because of all the behind the scenes work I’ve been doing.

On another note, my college life is actually, as expected, taking up a significant chunk of my time and total mental capability.

And one last thing. I had mentioned before i would do less YouTube. Well since that day I’ve started a new YouTube schedule. If you’re interested here it is.

Monday: nothing
Tuesday: Timelapse Tuesday
Wednesday or Thursday: a random video of one if my series’s
Friday or sometimes 1am that night: Fricken Random Friday video
The the weekend I’ll not release anything.

Well if I’ve left something out that anyone wants to know. Let me know and I’ll tell you. In a totally transparent kind of person.