Vacation Vacation Vacation

In some ways this vacation is getting old. But first let me write out all my nerdy thoughts.

Google decided to let me know someone had hacked I have since fixed the issue and have taken preventative measures to make sure it won’t happen again. But I’m still waging on google to report that I’m no longer infected.

My FTB server needed an update and I managed to do it without a computer. That a pretty good technical milestone.

My SMP server crashed twice and I think I need more ram. It’s becoming bad. When I get home ill probably update everything and see about ram pricing.

My vacation is going fine. I have done this all before so it’s not extraordinary for me.

Here are some pictures u have taken in the lady few days.








Anyway we left Orlando this morning and we are at the Daytona beach resort (stalk me) because starting tomorrow ill be going to a race everyday. I’ll have pictures. Anyway.

Over and out.

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