Busy Busy Busy!

So what i’ve noticed as of recent, i have a job, a hosting company(/ organization/group/whatever) i have college classes to attend and then homework to do. i help too many people with too many computer problems and im alway the first guy to call if anyone in town needs something. it’s utterly terrible! i have about 175 steam games and i think i’ve opening a tenth of them. let alone finished but maybe one or two. I’m having issues communicating with a few friends, and overall i feel pretty stressed.

Things i need to do.
-Homework, EARLY (wow that was hard to type, no caps lock on my chromebook)
-Work, Currently at my job we have assumed the old IT guys duties, which is completely overwhelming for a few 18 year olds
-Get MinecraftBread under control, Currently we have a an issue, we had so many customers we couldn’t sell anymore, while waiting for our provider to install a second node to sell on we lost s few customers. we need to need to get new customer momentum.
-Relax, i need to get some friends to go hang out at my farm or i need to go camping, i need to get all my responsibilities covered and take a weekend off.
-YouTube, ha