Second session at DeVry

Well tomorrow is my first day of my second session (half a semester) at DeVry ill have two classes one a week for the next 8 Wednesdays. They are back to back so that cute out some driving but it does make the courses a little more stressful.

I think these classes aren’t going to be very fun because they aren’t CIS classes and I have a hard time doing a but load of homework for something that isn’t my favorite subject.

Next semester I want to take more classes per session and go down there two or three times a week rather than 1.

1 thought on “Second session at DeVry

  1. Welcome to the second session! Not all classes will be fun but we know you can do it. Just remember why you are pursuing your higher education and use that to focus. As always, stay driVen!

    Community Manager
    DeVry University

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