Seeing Cool Things in Florida


Everywhere I have gone I see cool stuff like this. It’s much flatter around here. I’m liking the weather and the frequent rains. The Internet speed is crazy fast down here. Even the tree amaze me every time I come down here they and funny looking.


Things are much more fast paced around here and I love that. One thing about Missouri is everyone is so damn slow and mozys along but here everyone is speeding and running and just getting crap done. Last night I slept for 12 hours after eating a gigantic pizza

Google has decided that post on here with featured images are malicious, despite I should argue that this whole site is like 99% stock WordPress. Ill just remove that post for better search rankings.

Also my FTB server went down and I dont know the technical details
but I just set the VPS to reboot and it seemed to go fine.

I decided I would instruct my mods to restart the SMP server every few hours to avoid running out of ram while
I’m gone.

Anyway my posts might be more frequent then daily