Progress for Payout

Hey guys we just made our third sale on Minecraftbread! Found some issues.

  1. MySQL doesn’t work at all in multicraft.
  2. Our footers still have inaccurate information
  3. Make multicraft let users change slot number
  4. Modpacks including tekkit and FTB do not extract correctly into the install directory

Ultimately we need to fix these issues and we are having a hard time finding the correct documentation.
Besides MinecraftBread I still hold a major role in a lot of projects. I need to spend some time with my own minecraft servers, Optimize performance, And eventually move them to MinecraftBread.

I need to start streaming and making YouTube videos again. As well as overall a few websites.

Thanks for reading. Please provide any feedback via a comment below as its permanently and means much more than a twitter reply.