Im so Excited!

Hey guys its been A while since I’ve posted anything here. But I’m glad to inform you of I’ll be starting to offer minecraft hosting to anyway with a few bucks. This also opens up doors for cheaper payment options when it comes to my other current Minecraft servers. That means Nickfost’s Minecraft servers can last infinitely. I would like to mention that I’m not doing this alone. I have a partner in the whole ordeal. I’m not sure if he wants to be linked here or not so I won’t now I may come back and edit the post. You’ll be able to buy a Minecraft server on starting tomorrow evening. We don’t want to make a get rich scheme and charge way too much. But of course we do want to make some money because we are putting forth so much time. If we do decide to jack up prices in the future, Those potential profits go towards ddos mitigation technologies and backup servers.

Anyway on a personal note, I’m just keeping on keeping on. Besides the unregular sleep habits of an idiot like myself nothing changes in the day-to-day activities that you except the days I get closer to graduation.

I have an infinite to do list currently. And tomorrow I’ll be really busy just doing things as I go with my minecraftbread

Anyway, for whoever reads this bull crap thanks for reading