I Quit My Job

So most people didn’t know i had a job. I had a job, it was a terrible job. Well i didn’t mind it that bad. The job was a ticket puller in a warehouse. I decided i wasn’t going to be stuck in physical labor for the rest of my life and left while i could. Due the pressure of my loved ones (and her mom) I’m going back to DeVry. While I’m not fond of DeVry i am willing to do what it takes to finish my degree. Hopefully my degree will mean nothing to me, i want to be self-employed and have my business make enough money to accommodate my lifestyle without any other source of income (If you need a website made or any kind of hosting, let me know). Currently i have only one class on campus which i don’t like, online courses are horrible, they seem very disconnected from the students.

This is really just a short update on some things since the last time i posted. I want to make an effort to post here more but how many times have i said that.