Totally Caffeinated Day

I woke up as I usually do at 5:50 am and was late to my ride (I fell asleep in the shower) I went to school via a looooong ride to the technical school which is 40 miles away. We stopped at McDonald’s and I ate three hash browns and drink three large Cokes. Then we went to Wal-Mart before school started and bought three cases of four pack amp boosts and I drank three in a row one after another at the technical school and of course shared the other 8 with various caffeine addicts and I saved one for when I got back to my normal high school, Pounded it. Found out all the vending machine were empty and I’m not a normal lunch eating kinda guy and I decided to just not eat. Then normal school routine except my math teacher decided to give me a test over what they learned while I was on vacation. So I failed that. ( will fix for sure) then I stayed after school and worked on stuff with another teacher. Then went to a friend’s house to jail break another friends phone ( his house was closer than mine) and I got stranded there from 4 to 6:30 which really Isn’t an issue because we ate pizza and played with candle wax. Then another friend picked me up at his house and we met the guy who’s phone I was jail breaking and then we went to the local Deli and harassed the staff then ate there and then went home and did some homework. Them at nine thirty pm I turned on my computer. I have purchased two new VPS’s from ServerCrate to get my new iPvP and Factions servers going. I did some network trickery and now I’m gonna sleep.

Night guys.