Second session at DeVry

Well tomorrow is my first day of my second session (half a semester) at DeVry ill have two classes one a week for the next 8 Wednesdays. They are back to back so that cute out some driving but it does make the courses a little more stressful. I think these classes aren’t going to […]

Sleep problems

I just sleep funny. It’s like I sleep for 12 hours then I’m awake for 48 which leaves me with no schedule whatsoever. Right now I’m trying to deal with that via sleeping medications so I can focus on school. Haven’t made a post in a while. Thought I would.

Busy Busy Busy!

So what i’ve noticed as of recent, i have a job, a hosting company(/ organization/group/whatever) i have college classes to attend and then homework to do. i help too many people with too many computer problems and im alway the first guy to call if anyone in town needs something. it’s utterly terrible! i have […]

My Typical Home Life

So now I’m 18 and I know I’m no wiser then I was when I was 17 (but I was pretty dang wise at 17) but one thing I was looking forward too was freedom from my dads constant over controlling reign. Unfortunately tonight I found out this wasn’t the case. So I drive my […]

Always tired

Well I know I haven’t made a post for a while but it’s mostly for a reason. Everyday I’m super tired after work. When it comes to my online life I’ve been trying to schedule some videos for YouTube and I’ve yet to get a second node for Minecraftbread. Anyway just checking in.

Twitter username

So for a while Ive been trying to get the Nickfost username for twitter but Twitter does not want to release it to me because it is in another account that account that is however inactive but I will continue to use nickfost_ until I can get nickfost. I just recently switched from nicksfw. Also […]

Working Life

Alright so today was the first day of me working For the school district it’s to my understanding That it will be a great labour intensive job. It’s really not that bad considering all of it is indoors. Anyway, just trying to give you guys update in my life. MinecraftBread has sold all of its […]

Life is Just Starting

As I’ve matured over the last three weeks by sleeping 18 hours at a time and staying up somewhere between 24 and 50 hours at a time. (Sarcasm of course) But really I have learned that its time I need to get up and start doing more crap. And you know the Dominos are starting […]

Oops I forgot

Sorry I forgot about this whole website completely. I’ve been super busy. Trying to make sure I have a job. Making sure I’ll be a able to go to DeVry at the same time. And in general just being a lazy teenager while I still can. I’ll start posting more here Now that I have […]