My Typical Home Life

So now I’m 18 and I know I’m
no wiser then I was when I was 17 (but I was pretty dang wise at 17) but one thing I was looking forward too was freedom from my dads constant over controlling reign. Unfortunately tonight I found out this wasn’t the case.

So I drive my moms old car, I keep it clean inside and out ( it’s not exactly an old car. It’s the one she doesn’t use) I have a job at my old school, I work with my friend. We were hired to install 80 wireless access points throughout the district. Today me and that friend had yards to mow and he had plans at four pm with some last friend of his. He had told me that he would be done with whatever he had to do at about 8pm. I had told my dad previously I wanted to go in late at like 8 am and work at the school while no one was there. Granted he has no reason to be opposed. It’s a small town, small school, and its probably safer in the school then it is at home. I wanted to head in about 8 so I chilled at a friends house until then, I called him and he didn’t answer. Called again and his lady friend answers. Of course as an idiot price teenager I pass the phone to someone else because obviously nothing was going to be accomplished in that phone call. I proceeded to wait around at my friends house until I could get ahold of him. My mother calls me and needs a ride. I gladly would go out of my way for my mother and I did. Well by the time things got settled and done it was about 11:30. I told my dad I would leave soon and go to my friends house to inquire bout when we’d be working. My dad said to call him instead. He said I couldn’t take my mothers car anywhere it was too late at night.

So here I am, 18, I was just told by my dad I’m not allowed to drive late at night. So I reminded him that I wanted to move out the weekend I turned 18 and he had persuaded me to stay by saying I could do pretty much whatever I wanted they just wanted to make sure I stayed in school (devry). Of course he blew up and said I was welcome to move out. And I just may. But my plan to move out involved my friends house which has an extra room. Provided he can not text me or call me, he obviously would be very reliable and I probably wouldn’t want to live there anyway. He is typically not very friendly to his friends when he has a girlfriend.

My really issue is my dad had persuaded my to stay in ‘his’ house by saying lies and misleading things. Now in kinda at a loss because I do not have a contact for someone to live with and my dad is totally ok with me just leaving. Before he warned me to stay. So they catered to the fact that I was going to distance myself from them and sleep here.

So issues that arose tonight.

  • Dad has controls over me again according to his mind.
  • I do not have a place to live if I left.
  • I’m not allowed to use any of ‘his’ vehicle indefinitely (though that will lass in less then 8 hours)

Also here are the things I’ve done today that I had to go out of my way for my family today.

  • mowed the ditch in rain
  • got the oil changed in moms car
  • made an extra trip home to visit a grandparent that showed up unannounced
  • get my mom

And the things I indirectly ask for in return

  • let me drive to my job

And of course I wasn’t allowed too.

Anyway tomorrow is independence day (fourth of July) and I do not plan on spending time with my dad at all.

Friday I’m having a small party but I need to kinda watch out, my dad could all of a sudden say his land his rules.

What really bugs me is my dad wants to control when I can drive. But if I left the house he knows I have so little in my name I wouldn’t be able to get a vehicle or anything he would be ok with me not attending devry and walking to my job that is only a temporary job.

Welp. On a happier note. I have fourteen thousand bottle rockets in the back of my moms car.