Life is Just Starting

As I’ve matured over the last three weeks by sleeping 18 hours at a time and staying up somewhere between 24 and 50 hours at a time. (Sarcasm of course) But really I have learned that its time I need to get up and start doing more crap. And you know the Dominos are starting to fall and I can not be as lazy as I usually am. Starting Monday morning I’ll be waking up at 7 AM Every single weekday. I will have a job At my high school Assisting the IT guy And aiding in the installation of the new wireless network. On another note I have pretty much wrapped up the details For attending devry Starting sometime in July.

Please note that all the grammatical errors Including but not limited to Incorrect capitalizations Of words Is at the fault of Apple Because I dictated most of this with Siri and didn’t spellcheck.