Been Home a Day and Already Doing Too Much

I’ve barely been home 24 hours and i have spent way to much time plowing snow off of my driveway and I’ve already made two YouTube videos. I have also gotten plans for a new server called iPvP. On top of all that I have made the site what it is currently. Darmag still […]

Boring Race Lots of Food

Hey guys just checking in. I was disappointed by the first 2 races yesterday weren’t the great. I was expecting wrecks. And didn’t get hardly any. The first 60 lap race was the eventful one, on lap 53 a rookie driver spun around and caused a small wreck and them the second race was the […]

Vacation Vacation Vacation

In some ways this vacation is getting old. But first let me write out all my nerdy thoughts. Google decided to let me know someone had hacked I have since fixed the issue and have taken preventative measures to make sure it won’t happen again. But I’m still waging on google to report that […]