Uploaded Five Videos!

Last night I edited five videos and got them ready I wrote a description and made thumbnails, I even scheduled it all to release when I’m not home all next week. Anyway these post are getting shorter and it’s because I’m doing the same things every single day….

Mondays, Why am I So Stressed.

I didn’t get much accomplished today until I started recording me playing AOS I might do some more recording tomorrow. I had a stressful Monday and I was kinda ticked at some people. And it’s fine now.

Stressing Over School

Over the weekend I took the act and I’m pretty sure I didn’t do too hot on it. And on Friday I took a Algebra 2 test and didn’t finish it. My problem is I’m not stupid, I overly stressed because if I do not ace every class my GPA is gonna suck and I […]

Wrapping up Missed Days

I’ve missed posting the last few days. I have been really busy I have been making reports for my language class a d been preparing for my ACT test. I have been staying after school all let everyday working on a series of moderate grade tests. I want A’s but I’m not getting exactly that […]