Ahh Fixed

Today we didn’t have school so i slept till like noon. We had a snow day. I managed to fix my computer with the help of my buddy. Apparently we broke it further with recovery tools and then we were able to fix it from that point.

Setup FTB Stuff Then Broke My Computer

Pretty much the title says it all yesterday I set up FTB stuff on server lists and stuff like that told Jace how to do stuff and then before went to bed I made some tweaks to my computer which caused it to never start again.

Rebuilt my Computer

I went to school like any other week day. Uploaded a bunch of videos like I like to do at school. I stayed after school with the IT guy and some friends And worked with Arduino stuff. Then me and another buddy went to my house and rebuilt my entire computer What we actually ended […]

Long day

Today started out really bad I was late I was tired. But I managed to get ahold some Mountain Dew at school and the day was fine from there. I worked on the server a bit. I updated two plugins and I added one to let us vanish. It seems to give me issues. I […]