Techy Stuff

Ignoring the fact that manhunt is now officially dead i went out and did a bunch of crap this weekend, i went to a computer salvage place and bought me a junker really cheap since then its been a technical nightmare and i have just finally gotten it finished up. also i went and bought […]

Just hung…

On Friday i just jacked around i did some gpu overclocking, i also released all of my prerecorded videos. fun simple day, im looking forward to saturday

Uploaded a ton

This post is for Wednesday even tho it is typed out now on Thursday. What I did: Uploaded a ton of videos Released a few Spent time with family.

3K Tweet, I Fixed My USB Troubles, System Customization

So someone… I’m not going to point my finger directly at my friend who did it.. (oops) was left unplugged… So I at that point plugged it all back nineteen found out that windows is stupid and makes a pagefile the size of your total ram by default and that is totally retarded because I […]

Butt Load of Recording and Worked on My ‘Puter

Hey guys the title pretty much sums up my weekend… i recorded some good good stuff… you’ll have to check it out on my YouTube….   I recorded some simple stuff and i recorded with a group of peeps… I cant wait to get it uploaded… also I went back and made thumbnails for all my series […]

Fixed a Buttload of Computers

On Thursdays and Fridays I typically intern for the high school with the it guy instead of going to Hillyard (a technical school) today I was going on a solid 2 hours of sleep and I managed to work on many many different machines including imaging about 30 of the same model, those were very […]