3K Tweet, I Fixed My USB Troubles, System Customization

So someone… I’m not going to point my finger directly at my friend who did it.. (oops) was left unplugged… So I at that point plugged it all back nineteen found out that windows is stupid and makes a pagefile the size of your total ram by default and that is totally retarded because I […]

Butt Load of Recording and Worked on My ‘Puter

Hey guys the title pretty much sums up my weekend… i recorded some good good stuff… you’ll have to check it out on my YouTube….   I recorded some simple stuff and i recorded with a group of peeps… I cant wait to get it uploaded… also I went back and made thumbnails for all my series […]

Fixed a Buttload of Computers

On Thursdays and Fridays I typically intern for the high school with the it guy instead of going to Hillyard (a technical school) today I was going on a solid 2 hours of sleep and I managed to work on many many different machines including imaging about 30 of the same model, those were very […]

Sneaky minecraft

I streamed a lot yesterday and I played with a secret account. Most people do not know Who I am. It’s fun. Today I plan on working on signing up for my act test and writing some php for GitHub. Also yesterday I uploaded the rest of the emerald lp vids and they will release […]

School and My Server

Today was a long hard day… Just coming out of a cold it was hard to make a full day… That’s why I’m throwing in the towel a few hours early tonight. Things I did today: School Uploaded Videos Worked on my server with the crazy problems Contacted my host Contacted my host for a […]

Recorded A Lot

I recorded most of Saturday and Sunday I streamed all day. I woke up late both days and fell asleep late. Didn’t do much.

Pretty Much Better

So pretty much I’m better now and I plan on doing a lot of recording this weekend for YouTube videos… today I did a whole lot of nothing. pretty much I sat around a tried to get better.. I played some minecraft and I have done some other stuff but really overall I did nothing…


I’ve been gone for a while. Because I’m terribly sick and I’ve been bedridden. I’ve had some terrible kind of flu. Hopefully I’ll be better soon. I’ve missed out at school but I’ll be returning on Monday. I need to record more YouTube videos but I can’t right now my voice is too messed up. […]