I Feel So Unproductive Today (But I actually got quite a bit done)

I don’t know why I feel so unproductive today, But it really feels like I didn’t get a lot done. I Went to my internship in the morning like I do every Thursday and Friday (It’s with the IT guy at school) We started raiding teachers computers and updating massive amount of software just for regular maintenance and the fact that the antivirus program we are no longer paying for so we have to remove it and replace it. I aced test in algebra two. Then when I came home I pigged at out on a big pizza. And of course, I streamed the rest of the night till about 9:10. I also did some other minor things like schedule stuff on YouTube to release.

Here’s the list I made yesterday

  • Learn some networking stuff (physical and software)
  • Clean out my computer case
  • Contact a guy about nocturnalforums
  • Talk to Buikes and Jace about a FTB server
  • Title, thumbnail, and schedule the release of about 10 videos
  • I didn’t learn the stuff I wanted to.
  • I didn’t clean up my computer case.
  • I forgot the contact a guy about nocturnal forums.
  • I did talk to Buikes and Jace we didn’t get anywhere. (We all agreed on, “I don’t know”)
  • I did do all the YouTube stuff I wanted to do.

So looks like here’s what I got to do this weekend.

  • Record about five instances of 20 minutes videos. (Good quality videos might be different subjects)
  • Rebuild my computer with a new power supply and gigantic heat sink.
  • Talk to the guy about nocturnalforums.
  • Finalize the plans with Jace and Buikes.
  • Learn some stuff (I’m not sure exactly what the guy wants to teach me some stuff about large networks, I’m up for learning)
  • Have fun be a 17-year-old. ( probably wont happen.)