Adobe CC and Office 365 are The Bees Knees.

I never thought I’d say it. I don’t know what I was doing without Adobe CC and Office 365.


I understand why they are switching to these “cloud” models.

  • The internet is the cheapest it’s ever been (for service providers)
  • Always online services can’t be pirated
  • Subscription model software ensures recurring revenue.

I used to pirate my software. I stopped. If you pirate software I recommend you stop too. have you ever written the tiniest utility? you could spend hours on the dumbest little feature or days on the simplest UI. I can’t comprehend the man hours required to put together some of these products we take for granted. Now that I can afford these softwares and I use them every day to work and be productive I’ll gladly pay whatever the price is to keep them going.

Maybe I never knew, acrobat is freaking neat. Scanning, merging, editing, OCR! How have I lived without these features! I can put a dozen pieces of paper into the feeder of a multifunction printing across the room and click a button on my computer and within minutes I’ve OCR’ed the whole doc and can copy and paste raw text into a new document file or an email. The “cloud” features in this current acrobat program are outstanding. I can easily send an email with a pdf attached and get an email when they open it, How convenient!

We just installed our latest office subscription on our office computer and Sarah’s MacBook and now we can edit files back and forth. It was like a hundred dollars a year for many computers and many users. It’s all such a good deal. Excel has drastically got better since 2010 I’m very impressed. Word had new sharing features using one drive, I’m still no fan of one drive but we’ll see if it can get the job done. I still archive like 10 copies of everything so I’m not worried about losing my files.


Adobe CC is pretty expensive compared to Office 365. I used office way more and save more money using office because of all the time it can save me. Since I don’t make creative content [regularly] maybe I should reconsider my subscriptions. Overall I was hesitant and I waited this long to try using them and I’m very pleased and surprised in the improvements. I didn’t think you could improve excel or word but it sure seems like they did a lot.