Man-made climate change can only be a belief

Man-made climate change can only be a belief. We can’t confirm anything without a control, since we can’t conduct a test with an identical Earth without humans we have no control to compare it to. Just because Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson want to shill for globalism and try to unify the world with this unconfirmed belief of man-made climate change doesn’t make it a fact, it’s only a belief, it’s becoming a cult-like belief that is laughable and should not be considered valid unless there is proof. Is the climate changing? Maybe. History shows that the Earth’s climate always has been changing, why wouldn’t this continue? Shouldn’t we as a species try to adapt and make good use of those regions affected by this natural phenomenon? Probably. It’s my belief that the goal of the narrative that’s is being perpetuated, man-made climate change, is to help to socioeconomic status of the few who can monetize on the movement to alternative power generation.


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