I Quit My Job

I said heck with it all, I’m 18, I go to college, my parents will pay for my living expenses who needs the stress of a job when you need to be focussing on school work.


My buddy (aka Warlocksyno in most google scenarios) he was doing Devry with me, had the same job and he owns half of MinecraftBread, i haven’t seen or heard from him since last monday night at work, he talked to nobody on Tuesday which is something he has done before, he’ll just go off the grid to see who is worrying about him (I didn’t play his game). him and another employing of the school district that i worked at met at the school on thursday without my knowledge, of course this is after he didn’t call me and tell me he wasn’t riding to school with me on Wednesday, which he didn’t even attend, it really set me off it was the turning point i had decided to quit without even telling him or anyone else, come the next monday when he had school and he’d normally ride with me clear to Kansas he didn’t show up at my house so i assumed he wasn’t going and same for today. I’ve yet to even communicate with him since last monday, i guess I’ll drop off his stuff at his house tomorrow afternoon…



As for my less dramatic online life, i will have more free time and more time to work on silly little projects and of course, Devry I’ll have plenty of time to ace all my classes.