Quality of Service (or lack there of)

Ok. This is going to be a bit of a rant. Let me setup my background for anyone who doesn’t know everything about me already.

I sell game servers. I deal with kids and paranoid neck beards all day long. I enjoy what I do. As a service I bend over backwards to make my customers happy. My parents (which at age 18 I currently still live with) own a trucking company; someone calls them and says hey I need this to go here from here at this time, that’s how it works. People pay for these services because they are getting then the way they want.

Monopolies mess up any service. Zoned areas, lack of interest, and low profits create monopolies.

What we have where I live is two different trash services. A truck pulls up and a minimum wage worker removes your trash from your trash can. Simple… You’d think so until you get letters in the mail saying that they won’t be removing the trash from the bottom of the can because it’s not in a bag. Excuse me trash man, you wouldn’t want to break a nail would you?

I’m 18, this isn’t my house, and I’m not the one paying for the service. When I’m unhappy with something I’m supposed to pay for I’m vocal about it, and I have every right to it. People are not vocal enough about things that are an issue, no one is vocal about crappy customer service, no one is calling out these people who appear to be forced upon us and they really aren’t.

I pay taxes, I can complain about my government. I pay for connectivity in data centers I’m entitled to complain about uptime or quality of service. If I was going to pay a man to come take my trash, he better take the trash; that’s his job.