Wrapping up my first semester at DeVry

Ok so I’m finishing up my English class and finished early in my comp100 class. The comp100 class was a simple class where we were ran through tutorials of PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. You may assume that I already had these skills and I kind of already did. But when I took these classes in highschool I managed to talk my way out of theme to assist the IT guy at the school (Which landed me a job and the loss of some friends, you can read more about that by digging though the archives of this site). So I aced that class early and left me with some extra time for my language class which I struggled with because I’m a country bumpkin. Final is due this upcoming Wednesday it’s about three fourths done. I expect a solid B+ or A- in the class.

This next week I’ll be moving MinecraftBread to a new provider. This new provider is only a temporary fix while we wait for a data center to have completed their expansion. Early 2014 we’ll be moving again.

I’m helping a friend start http://unspokennews.com

Jamal and I will be working on http://btsyncrets.com

Soon I’ll be back in classes and my time will be limited again.

I think I’ve decided it just stop the YouTube thing for a bit. I don’t have time hardly. I have some stuff I’m working on but I’m pretty sure it’s not worth my time.

I’m interested in learning some new stuff I just don’t have much time.