Wrapping up Missed Days

I’ve missed posting the last few days. I have been really busy I have been making reports for my language class a d been preparing for my ACT test. I have been staying after school all let everyday working on a series of moderate grade tests. I want A’s but I’m not getting exactly that but I’m working on it. I plan on starting a local service/ company with my nerdiest ‘irl’ friend and attempting to make some cash. I might stream tonight. I need to contact people about FTB. I have like 5 assignments to do by Monday and after the ACT on Saturday I will go see my algebra 2 teacher about a test. I failed my drivers license test today because was two stressed. I have been doing research on places to go after high school. Right now I need a larger mental bandwidth and an income. Thanks for reading this ramble I just typed while watching the news.