Unusually Tired

Hey guys. Today I’m unusually tired and I didn’t spend much time online at all today. My usual internship was not the case due to an absence, So instead I was required to go to my vocational school today where I learned they do nothing on Thursdays. Came back to school, They made everyone on the north side of parking lot move their vehicle, Of course to an unpaved parking lot. Later on that day, We had a big assembly. His family was about drunk driving, impaired driving, and distracted driving. They simulated a car crash in the parking lot. It was a little over dramatic, And other students, such as my brother, disrespectfully laughed. After that we went back into the performing arts Center, where a man gave us a lecture about impaired driving, Nothing which everyone in the school hasn’t heard before, but the speaker had lost his son to an incident that involved impaired driving, I was tired the whole time but I respectfully sat there and listened. Then we saw some short video Which included mangled torso victims of car accidents in many scenes are very very violent, Some students left the performing arts Center a teacher even had a seizure. The rest of the school we just kind of blew off.

When I got home, after wearing out my dog (as I do everyday), We proceeded to be packing trailer full of crap for the Kansas race that we are going to tomorrow.

After about 45 minutes of lifting things are heavier than my actual grasp of muscular capabilities, I had to go get my little brother from baseball practice.

When I got home me and my brother proceeded to watch Duck Dynasty. However I fell asleep and didn’t wake up till 11:30. So that means I can’t check for tickets On MinecraftBread, And worse yet means I can’t record my video for tomorrow.

Regarding the video for tomorrow, I think I may stop doing frickin random Friday videos. Rather do some kind of Monday map video. Map Mondays. Because then I have a weekend to prepare. Let me know what I should do about YouTube.

Thanks for reading. Any social interaction beyond the fact of you reading this is appreciated

I guarantee this entire page is riddles grammatical errors. Have fun.

EDIT (12:43 AM):
today at my vocational school (Hillyard) I made a few backgrounds on posted them on deviant art:

Background by ~Nickfost on deviantART

Dual Screen Background by ~Nickfost on deviantART