Lots of Recording!

So today for the most part I did a butt load of recording. My new setup will render out 1 minute in half of a min so that amazingly fast. I recorded a bunch of the indie game snapshot.

Things I did today:

  • Recorded a butt load.
  • Attempted to get ahold of my VPS host
  • Played some Minecraft
  • Worked on cleaning up the VPS now that I moved all my websites off if it.
  • Made some contacts with some people who can get me a good deal on hosting for latrocraft.
  • Fixed some email settings on the VPS
  • Messed around with new installed windows.

Tomorrow I plan to call Dotblock early to fix my database issues. Maybe get ahold of my web host to see if I can get lowqualitygames up. Hopefully I will have a new network card at my doorstep tomorrow and ill have to install that. I was only around for about ten hours today. I woke at 2pm and I’m going to try to pass out right after typing up this. I know I need to find a java dev for my SMP server and I don’t know what I’ll do about that, it may be a project for a different day.