I’m currently 18 19 20 21 22 years old I enjoy a decent night of playing games with friends (i don’t have friends anymore and i don’t have time for games at all) and love making things work…   I spend 100% of my day working on my business or assisting with my family’s business. I think I work too hard, Nowadays i don’t have time for games or fun.

Social Media and contact info:

A lot of the content I put on twitter doesn’t directly reflect what I think or believe. I post and retweet things for irony and as inside jokes towards people to who regularly participate with me on social media services. Social media is a platform I use to vent out all of the unprofessional things I want to say or do. I recommend for family members and those who would like to maintain a certain opinion of me to not look into my Twitter account or add me on Skype. I’ll freely admit to cursing in a public place, but I wouldn’t dare curse, spit, or fart in front of my parents, grandparents, or any older relative.

Maybe I should link to my company’s website… I ‘ll get to it when I’m more impressed with it.