Why We All Fail At Intelligence. (Copy and Paste From My Facebook)

I posted this on my Facebook today.


You know I don’t say much up on this social network that contains like 99% spam, duck faces, and utter ignorance. I’d like to take a minute and voice my opinion on something. People as a whole really suck at the basic level of communication and getting ideas across, whether it’s political or personal, we are all a bit slow in the head or just aren’t thinking exactly the same way the other person is. when it comes to politics people oppose a bill or an idea or even a concept just because they don’t understand it and assume some thing terrible because its from the other party, granted the same party doesn’t think much about it and just agrees with it because they are biased towards that political party or certain groups, cults, or even a simple social status (the “classes” of our population). when communicating with each other, whether the concept is red or blue or *insert some generic highly technical thing here* we tend to just shrug it off like someone else will get it and pass along a note to us later, this idea goes for groups that fail to communicate events and fail or classrooms that don’t get a certain part of an assignment and fail or even some political decision. here is what I recommend, whether you hold an office, your a member of a group, or your a student in class have the fortitude to just say… “huh?, what?” sure you may look a bit silly bit if everyone does the same thing then we collectively go over more complicated things again and again until you (or more cowardly people) understand. Don’t try to move on because the timer is ticking just ask “what?” Be sure to clarify. it seems not just my generation its everyone i know collectively just skips the instruction and goes for it whether they are building something doing a standardized test or listening to directions of an elderly person. Just listen, follow instruction and ask “what?” The fact we weren’t given this speech in a classroom kind of lets me know that our school system has been and is failing us and we are cannibalizing our own potential. If you actually read this sit back and crack open something cold because you’ve done more critical thinking then expected by society.