Minecraftbread! Heck Yeah!

Alright, over the last few days me and my pal Warlocksyno have fully launched Minecraftbread. With myself having over two and a half years of experience running Minecraft servers, And both of us having many years under our belt in web design and simple customer support, We have completely gone public with service allowing anyone who wants Minecraft server to get one. We’re obviously a little late to the plate, But we think we can be successful in selling the highest quality Minecraft servers and with the fastest and best support. No doubt we are still learning, But we are determined to be the best.

We offer the basic $10 a gig. We offer, something that I haven’t seen on other places, streaming and YouTube packages which would consist of a shorter term and lower payment costs. Making it extremely affordable to run like a two-person server for a YouTube video or short series, Or a more affordable more temporary approach to large servers for streaming and other live events.

If you have any feedback i would appreciate if you went to the website made an account and make a ticket otherwise you can just comment right here I don’t care.

Please note the website isn’t fully done And the user experience on the panel may change a slight amount. Also we plan on adding new products based on user feedback and popular demand.

On a more personal note, I’ve really stopped making YouTube videos. Don’t get me wrong it’s Intentional, Just as my senior year wraps up I’ve become more and more busy I’m starting new projects over time, end of course exams are coming up, And overall when I’m stressed I just sleep. Which is weird because i fall into a weird sleeping habit, And get more stressed

Anyway guys thanks for reading my bullcrap. You can go ahead and comment below about things I said I was going to do that I haven’t done, Things I forgot to say, Or just annoying spam but I read it anyway.