Facebook Rant About Causes

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t celebrate his own birthday and when I get on Facebook it’s all awareness this and honor that and something history month and some awareness week, month, year, decade… *expletive*… Facebook is a social platform, it’s got messaging functions and it has public conversations making it convenient to have a discussion over a long period of time and in different places and from afar. When I start seeing campaigning, someone playing some guilt card, or whining about something it makes me sick because would you really come up to everyone you know and ask them to tell everyone they know about something that was created solely to get attention? Seriously? I know if someone came to my door I’d be absolutely dumbfounded on what you think you’re going to accomplish. Some of you people have like a thousand friends on Facebook, you’re essentially knocking on potentially a thousand doors (some math could be done based on the average of your friend’s friends and so on) and whining about some subject that even the slightest close to you because you think if you whine about something you’ll get attention.