Blue Snowball Mic

I originally wrote this for my english class im taking at DeVry. The Blue snowball microphone is a great microphone if you know how to set it up and if you buy it from the right place. I purchased the blue microphone actually the worst way I could; it was terribly marked up. I purchased […]

Facebook Rant About Causes

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t celebrate his own birthday and when I get on Facebook it’s all awareness this and honor that and something history month and some awareness week, month, year, decade… *expletive*… Facebook is a social platform, it’s got messaging functions and it has public conversations making it convenient to have […]

Second session at DeVry

Well tomorrow is my first day of my second session (half a semester) at DeVry ill have two classes one a week for the next 8 Wednesdays. They are back to back so that cute out some driving but it does make the courses a little more stressful. I think these classes aren’t going to […]