I Quit My Job

I said heck with it all, I’m 18, I go to college, my parents will pay for my living expenses who needs the stress of a job when you need to be focussing on school work.   My buddy (aka Warlocksyno in most google scenarios) he was doing Devry with me, had the same job […]

Busy Busy Busy!

So what i’ve noticed as of recent, i have a job, a hosting company(/ organization/group/whatever) i have college classes to attend and then homework to do. i help too many people with too many computer problems and im alway the first guy to call if anyone in town needs something. it’s utterly terrible! i have […]

My Typical Home Life

So now I’m 18 and I know I’m no wiser then I was when I was 17 (but I was pretty dang wise at 17) but one thing I was looking forward too was freedom from my dads constant over controlling reign. Unfortunately tonight I found out this wasn’t the case. So I drive my […]