I hate errors. I hate receiving them. I hate writing them. I hate interpreting them. I hate debugging them. I hate reporting them. I hate explaining them.

Unusually Tired

Hey guys. Today I’m unusually tired and I didn’t spend much time online at all today. My usual internship was not the case due to an absence, So instead I was required to go to my vocational school today where I learned they do nothing on Thursdays. Came back to school, They made everyone on […]

Progress for Payout

Hey guys we just made our third sale on Minecraftbread! Found some issues. MySQL doesn’t work at all in multicraft. Our footers still have inaccurate information Make multicraft let users change slot number Modpacks including tekkit and FTB do not extract correctly into the install directory Ultimately we need to fix these issues and we […]

Minecraftbread! Heck Yeah!

Alright, over the last few days me and my pal Warlocksyno have fully launched Minecraftbread. With myself having over two and a half years of experience running Minecraft servers, And both of us having many years under our belt in web design and simple customer support, We have completely gone public with service allowing anyone […]

Im so Excited!

Hey guys its been A while since I’ve posted anything here. But I’m glad to inform you of I’ll be starting to offer minecraft hosting to anyway with a few bucks. This also opens up doors for cheaper payment options when it comes to my other current Minecraft servers. That means Nickfost’s Minecraft servers can […]