Other projects and what i’ve been up too

OK I haven’t posted in a while I fell into the same boring routine of doing that same crap every night, I played FTB with Supah and I worked on computers at school… Woopie! it wasn’t anything fun or special to talk about… frankly I didn’t want to type the same event again and again daily. as part of […]

Don’t Freak, I Need Money

First post in a while, also I have recently added ads to the sidebar because I’m low funds for my local strip club and need an income. If you’re going to block them which is totally fine with me I recommend you use adblock plus because it is Superior then others.

Boring, oh and it’s Pi day

I haven’t really posted anything in a few days because its been the same ole routine. Day after day. I need more free time. Tomorrow once I get home, I estimate around 6:30 CST, I loan on getting around to it and streaming. But that’s only my plan. I am launching a new series on […]

Streaming and YouTube

At the lunch if a new server I hopped on and streamed on it. After sorting out a few technical difficulties I decided to chug a bottle of Mio energy. I said some dumb things and it got recorded. I won’t link to it because honestly I’m embarrassed. The next day I helped my dad […]

Totally Caffeinated Day

I woke up as I usually do at 5:50 am and was late to my ride (I fell asleep in the shower) I went to school via a looooong ride to the technical school which is 40 miles away. We stopped at McDonald’s and I ate three hash browns and drink three large Cokes. Then […]

I’m Tired

Long days and late nights… killing me… i need more sleep…. i streamed went to a friends house and planned the launch of two new servers… i gave away three games today. so heck, im a bit beat..

My Host Was Down!

It’s really hard to explain because i really haven’t been briefed of all the details but my host got DDossed. they rolled back 16 hours which was effecting my FTB server and all my websites except NIckfost.com