Weekend Recap

OK this weekend I have done a whole lot of nothing. I spent time with friends and stayed out late and slept till the day was almost over. Pretty much I am a bum. Looking forward to tomorrow I plan to contact Dotblock during their business hours and try to get some database errors worked out. Saturday I let a friend take over the NocturnalForums project. Late Sunday night I managed to finish moving all websites off my VPS and onto my hosting provider. (If you’re looking for a hoster I recommend hosting box) in the midst of finishing moving my URL shortener I thought I could supply a free one to everyone who wanted to use one, I present to you http://pub.nckfst.us! One last thing I did do this weekend was ban an idiot that I do not like. He isn’t allowed on my server for two days and I have already been thanked 10s of times. Besides contacting my VPS hoster I might also move forums.nickfost.com to my other host. This was my first weekend recap and I’ll attempt to do one each weekend instead of two posts.