Updated the SMP Server

Today was a long long day I tested stuff all day to get my SMP server updated and ready for the latest version of Minecraft.

Things I did today:

  • Called Dotblock and got my MySQL troubles figured out
  • Worked on speeding up Nickfost.com
  • Downloaded the entire SMP server locally
  • Tested out every version (that was new) of each and every plugin for 1.4.6
  • Got it uploaded and running live on the SMP server
  • Streamed a bit
  • Bunch of “IRL” things
  • reorganized the navigation on Nickfost.com
  • Fixed up the broken images on Nickfost.com/donations
  • Submitted Nickfost.net and Pub.nckfst.us to Project Wonderful
  • Added the coupon code B4Y2K13 to Nickfost.Buycraft.net for 50% off for the rest of the year
  • Wrote this post on time!

I did quite a bit of little things here and there to make the good ole server keep on chuggin!