So This is Where I’ll Post Some Stuff Everyday

OK so everyday I’ll post some crap here usually it’ll be revised and looked over but I’ll probably fix misspells and stuff the next day because like now most of the posts will be written once the day is over…

things I did today:

  • Uploaded some YouTube videos
  • Got my mom presents for Christmas
  • Found out that craftbukkit break all my plugins
  • Posted a downgrader on
  • Checked on all the forums on
  • Set up (needs work still)
  • Reset the mine world on the SMP server
  • Talked with dev for latrocraft
  • Talked with buikes for latrocraft
  • Watched some Pawnstars
  • Finished rendering a batch of YouTube videos
  • Made this site
  • Worked on URL shortener
  • Assigned tasks for mods tomorrow

For the most part I got a lot done today and I’m looking ahead with lots of plans. I’m like 90% over my cold but I stayed up way to late.