No Sleep Weekend

This weekend I have been posting around on some forums, watching my servers grow, and writing webpages… Friday I released the stats… Saturday I did nothing significant except I never went to bed… I’m still awake from Saturday 4 pm. I applied for advertising on a few of my websites… I revisited my donations bar generator and a friendly fellow is helping me out. also today, Sunday, i wrote and released the simple […]

SMP Overhaul Day!

Today I sat back and worked on all kinds of things related to the SMP server… Things I did today: I started out working on I worked on Dynmap on the SMP server Fixed Banmanager as well Updated about 6 plugins including Towny I streamed a bit Got in one video uploaded for the day The […]

Updated the SMP Server

Today was a long long day I tested stuff all day to get my SMP server updated and ready for the latest version of Minecraft. Things I did today: Called Dotblock and got my MySQL troubles figured out Worked on speeding up Downloaded the entire SMP server locally Tested out every version (that was new) of […]

Lots of Recording!

So today for the most part I did a butt load of recording. My new setup will render out 1 minute in half of a min so that amazingly fast. I recorded a bunch of the indie game snapshot. Things I did today: Recorded a butt load. Attempted to get ahold of my VPS host […]

Merry Christmas! and Gloating About New PC Parts!

Hey guys it’s Christmas and that means all the little boys and girls get a bunch of cool stuff… I got a bunch of computer hardware I had asked for… I never knew the struggles I’d endeavor with the highest of end parts… None of the stuff wanted to work my first few attempts and of course if was a human […]

Christmas Eve

I’d like to wish everyone a merry Christmas or a happy [whatever you celebrate]! personally I’m Atheist but I just go with the flow when it comes to giving and getting stuff on Christmas! Stuff I did today: I uploaded a butt-load of YouTube videos I spent time with my family I really didn’t do a lot of stuff today but I […]

Weekend Recap

OK this weekend I have done a whole lot of nothing. I spent time with friends and stayed out late and slept till the day was almost over. Pretty much I am a bum. Looking forward to tomorrow I plan to contact Dotblock during their business hours and try to get some database errors worked out. […]